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Sailmaker De Vries Maritiem is a sailmaker for all sailors. From recreational sailing, to racing and world circumnavigation: we will help you find the right sail.

Tour sailor

Cruisers, also called touring sailors, sail on the inland waterways, IJsselmeer, Wadden Sea and coastal waters of the Netherlands. The sails are standard. Cruising sails are competitively priced and are suitable for a very wide range of use. For Cruising sails we use 100% woven fabrics (Dacron) which are produced cross-cut (in horizontal strips).


Cruisers Offshore are touring sailors who regularly make longer trips and sometimes have to deal with heavy conditions (wind and waves). The sails are therefore made heavier and are reinforced where necessary. In general, sails with a cross cut cut of the cloth types Dacron or Hydranet are chosen here.

Tour Sailor Plus

This category consists of sailors who place an above-average importance on performance and enjoy passing other boats and making every trip a race. For this group, our Performance line is extremely suitable. The shape of the sail is of great importance here and for this reason it is advised to choose a tri-radial cut of the sail. In addition, the type of cloth is adjusted accordingly. We usually choose a DCX laminate or Hydranet radial. Hydranet radial is suitable for harsh conditions while maintaining optimum performance.


Many dream of it, a few make it happen: discovering the world on their own keel. What an experience! We have already helped many sailors with new sails; from a total overhaul to a check-up and improvements where necessary so that the boat is ready for it. A circumnavigation demands a lot from the sails because of the high load, the salt water and the large amount of UV radiation.

Classic sailing

At Zeilmakerij De Vries Maritiem we realize that there is a world of difference between modern sailing ships and classic sailing ships. Classic sailing ships require a classic approach with lots of handiwork and use of old techniques and materials. Based on tradition and extensive experience, we bring the sails of your praam, skûtsje or Lemster Aak back to their original state. Here it comes down to craftsmanship and detail, and of course we also apply new techniques. Sailmakerij De Vries Maritiem feels very strongly about tradition, without closing their eyes to the newest developments in the sailing area.

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