Almost 200 years of experience

Own harbor in Lemmer

Our people sail themselves: recreational and competition


A sailboat is fantastic! Ultimate relaxation combined with the necessary adrenaline during a more active sailing trip. To optimize the enjoyment of sailing it is important to maintain your boat properly, as you probably know better than anyone.

Just to start with the sails: the condition of the sails, the performance, the maintenance...Then there's the canvas: the boat tents, the protection around the sails and the other rigging. A lot to take into account!

we are happy to help you with all these parts. We think with you as if it were our own boat. Read more about all the different subjects we can help you with. And do you have no idea whether the condition of sails, tents, mast and rigging is still sufficient? We are happy to help you with that too with no obligation advice.