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The furling jib cover protects your sail from UV, dirt and rain.

The furling jib cover or Rocon is hoisted with the spinnaker halyard and provides your headsail 100% protection from the very harmful uv rays. The cover also protects your sail from dirt and rain. The furling jib covers of De Vries Maritiem are made of A-class cloth; Weathermaxx80 or Sattler Yachtmaster Classic, and are of excellent quality. The cover is provided with a heavy duty zipper from top to bottom and can be pulled tight in one or more parts with a specially developed rolling jib cover line. The unique guide system with special pulleys (see photo) ensures that the cover can always be pulled tight. This prevents damage to the cover and the headsail.

Dimensions roll jib cover

If you want to order a roller jib cover, the size is important.

First, the length. You can measure this, for example, by measuring the luff length of your headsail and adding 20 cm to that. You can also pull up a tape measure with the spinnaker halyard and then measure to the top of the drum.

Secondly, the width. You measure this by rolling up your headsail and measuring the circumference at the clew point.

Rolfok cover in stock

Sometimes we have roller jib covers in stock. Look under "Canvas" and then under "Second chance" for an up-to-date overview