Almost 200 years of experience

Own harbor in Lemmer

Our people sail themselves: recreational and competition

Canvas products

All canvas is produced in our own sail manufacturer in Lemmer. The quality is therefore guaranteed and flexibility goes without saying. Thanks to our knowledge and craftsmanship we are able to make the most diverse products. In addition to making tailor-made tube covers and rear tents, you can also think of a cover to protect your sail from UV light, dirt and rain, but also of winter clothes To protect your ship in the winter. In the area of tube caps and convertible tents, we are the market leader. Our manufacturing processes and processing know-how is of a high level. Sixteen skilled workers guarantee production of the highest quality. We are able to respond excellently to your personal requirements.

How we work

After you contact us, we will make a quotation based on the information and wishes you have provided. A visit on board is usually not necessary because of our many years of experience. When the quotation is approved we will make a planning and contact you about this. We will also discuss the details and specific wishes and provide you with the right advice. Next, our craftsmen will come on board to take measurements and make a mould. You can then already see a little of what it is going to look like. After production in our sail-making facility, we will assemble the product. It is not necessary for you to be present, provided that the berth of your boat is freely accessible.

All types of boat tents and boat canvas

You can also contact us for a winter cover for your sailboat or motorboat, steering wheel covers and other  custom canvas products. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Get Canvas Printed

Want to get your rug or cover printed? At Sailmakerij de Vries Maritiem you can not only have your covers made but also printed. We will be happy to inform you about the many possibilities.