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Contender sailcloth is a Dutch quality product. One of the many top products is Fibercon® yarn, this woven fabric has a very pleasant handling, is ideally suited for the demanding touring sailor and has tremendous durability.

Contender supplies the whole range of sailcloth, from Dacron to Spinnaker Nylon. To the high quality of Contender canvases to guarantee, a integral production process applied. From spinning yarn to weaving and finishing.

Only in this way can they guarantee that your sailcloth years will deliver the performance you would expect from these products.

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Frequently asked questions about Contender

What is Contender?

Contender sailcloth is a Dutch quality product with a focus on performance.

Why a Contender sailcloth?

Contender has a proven manufacturing process where quality comes first. By using Contender, we can guarantee a sail target that will deliver years of performance.