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Boat tarp: custom-made or universal?

Are you looking for a tarpaulin for your boat, then you've come to the right place at Zeilmakerij De Vries Maritiem. We sell various tarpaulins:

Because a good tarpaulin extends the life of your boat considerably, it is wise to have one of our employees inform you well.

It is important that the cover fits snugly around your boat in connection with the weather. On the basis of your requirements and wishes, we can determine with you which tarpaulin is the best choice in terms of quality. Before the cover can be made, it is customary for one of our employees to measure your boat.

Why choose a customized aftarpaulin?

  • Fitting it causes little to no wind to get under the sail.
  • We make sure the sail protects the entire boat as tightly as possible.
  • We work with high quality materials. As a result, your sail will last for years.
  • With a sail from De Vries maritiem your ship will also look beautiful under sail.

More information or an obligation receive a price indication?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my tarpaulin even tighter around my boat?

Customization is the best solution for this. To get the tarpaulin as tight as possible around your boat you can use a sail tensioner.

You place this under the tarpaulin. This gives a sleek optical result and prevents puddles from forming on your cover.

Which cover sheet is suitable for my boat?

When choosing a tarpaulin, the thickness made all the difference. The quality of the sail is determined by the density of the material in relation to the size of the boat. The smaller the boat the lower the thickness required.

This thickness is measured in Denier (D). The 200D is only suitable for dinghies. Choose the 600D for larger boats that need to be protected from the elements for a longer period of time.

Choose a well-fitting tarpaulin. For a standard ship, a universal sail will often suffice. Choose a custom solution if your ship is (slightly) different from the standard.

Why a tarpaulin for your boat?

A tarpaulin has several benefits for your boat:

- Your boat will be better protected from the weather.
- It extends the life of your boat.
- Transporting your boat is safer with a tarpaulin
- It protects your upholstery from UV radiation